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UConnect® Systems

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Whether you drive a Wrangler, Charger, Pacifica, or Ram 1500, you’ll have convenient connection and capability as both a driver and a passenger. The UConnect® Systems provide entertainment, communication, navigation, and overall connection. Whether you’re the elected DJ, the one leading the way, or you need to get some work done, this interior aspect will help make all of that happen. Here are some of the favorable features that the UConnect® Systems bring to the table.

SiriusXM® Satellite Radio

One of the most exciting entertainment features of the UConnect® Systems is the satellite radio. With SiriusXM®, you’ll be able to enjoy over 150 channels of sports, music, pop culture, news, and much more. So, depending on who’s in the car, what you’re in the mood for, or if you can’t decide, you’ll be able to listen to anything and everything. Taking a road trip with you and your buddies? Check out the comedy stations! Still trying to wake up on your way to work? Let your favorite genre get you going. With SiriusXM® Satellite Radio, the options are nearly endless.

Bluetooth® Pairing

When it comes to staying connected, being able to communicate is one of the top priorities that comes to mind. With Bluetooth® Pairing, you and ten other people can link your phones for communication, navigation, and entertainment. Making a call has never been safer or more convenient. With voice command and easy-access controls, you can keep your eyes on the road while you take care of your business. You can even text your friends back without looking at your phone. Voice text reply makes it possible to get back to them without putting yourself or your passengers in danger. With the UConnect® Systems, convenience, safety, and connectivity can now go hand-in-hand!

SiriusXM Guardian™

What’s the most important aspect of a vehicle purchase? Safety and security, of course. You need to know that your vehicle will protect you. With the UConnect® Systems, it goes further than the frame design and overall integrity of your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram. The SiriusXM Guardian™ provides the peace of mind and convenience that you didn’t even know you were looking for. Start or locate your parked car, call for assistance/immediate help with SOS Call, and receive Roadside and Stolen Vehicle Assistance. By simply connecting the SirusXM Guardian™ to your smartphone, you can stay in touch with and become ultimately protected by your vehicle.

UConnect® Navigation

With available 3-D graphics, points of interest, and SiriusXM Traffic, you can find the best route, become aware of the worst one, and get to your destination as quickly and safely as possible. No more sitting in unexpected jams, driving through construction, or being stopped by avoidable trains. UConnect® Navigation maps out your route, finds the best possible option, and guides you there. It’s that simple.


The UConnect® Systems provide the  convenience, safety, entertainment, and overall connection that you’ve been waiting for in your vehicle.  Shop for a new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram vehicle at Uftring in Pekin, and experience some of the best interior amenities around!


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